Associate Hair Stylist

Austin Hair Salons
One such professional is Star Gutierrez, a skilled hairstylist at the esteemed Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon. With two years of industry experience, they are known for their passion for modern and creative styles, as well as effortless and easy looks. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to Star and explore their commitment to providing an inclusive and affirming experience for all clients.
Star is an associate at Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon. Their approach to hairstyling centers around inclusivity, ensuring that clients of all gender identities feel welcome and comfortable in their chair. Their top priority is working closely with clients, listening to their needs and desires, and collaborating on a hair plan that helps them achieve their goals while celebrating their unique identity.
Passionate about modern and creative styles, Star’s work showcases their love for staying current with the latest trends and techniques. They create contemporary, fashion-forward looks tailored to each client’s preferences. Additionally, they excel at crafting easy and effortless hairstyles, perfect for clients seeking low-maintenance yet stylish options.