From microblading, lip blush, and eyeliner, Viada Studios offers a range of permanent makeup services delivered by skilled artists who prioritize your trust and satisfaction. Discover the benefits of permanent makeup and how it can transform your daily routine.


Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing that creates realistic hair strokes throughout the brows. This procedure is sometimes referred to as eyebrow feathering or 3D brows and involves pigmentation that is applied superficially to the skin. This procedure is best for those with thin or sparse brows who are looking for more fullness. Service includes free 6-12 week touch up.


Both ombré and micro-blading are semi-permanent tattoos, however, the ombré technique focuses more on a powdered and misty look that is similar to wearing makeup. Sometimes referred to as microshading, ombré shading, or stardust brow, this procedure is ideal for those looking for a fuller and more defined brow look. Service includes free 6-12 week touch up.


Permanent eyeliner will leave you with perfectly defined eyes all day long. This service involves placing small dots of pigment on the eyelid along the lash line to create the look of eyeliner. Service includes free 6-12 week touch up.