Emily Boothe

Senior Stylist



Dive into Austin, Texas, a city bursting with arts, live music, and a flair for style. It’s no surprise it’s home to some of the industry’s top hair stylists.

If you’re searching for a standout hair stylist in Austin, you’re in the right place. Let’s spotlight Emily Boothe at Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon

Emily is not just a Senior Stylist; she’s a hair artist, renowned in Austin. Trained in the art of cosmetology, she quickly rose in the ranks at Harlow, thanks to her exceptional skills and the attention of the salon’s owner, Misty Krant.

Emily doesn’t just cut and color. She understands her client’s personalities, preferences, and features, crafting looks that accentuate natural beauty. A master of balayage, she hand-paints sun-kissed hues, ensuring vibrant colors without compromising hair health.

Commitment to Craft
Staying updated with the latest in hair trends, Emily invests in continuous learning. As a crucial part of Harlow’s education team, she’s always at the hair industry’s cutting edge.

In Austin, if you want a top-tier hair experience, Emily Boothe at Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon is the name to rememb.