Shelby Blecha

Senior Stylist & Kerastase ambassador

Shelby Blecha Senior Stylist

When you book an appointment with Shelby, you’re not just getting a hair transformation; you’re getting an experience. Clients are often drawn to Shelby not just for his exceptional hairstyling skills but for his warm demeanor, attention to detail, and the genuine care he shows to everyone he meets. It’s this combination of technical expertise and heartfelt service that makes every appointment with Shelby memorable.

Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon is proud to have Shelby as part of its team. His role as the BackBar coordinator showcases his leadership skills and his dedication to ensuring the success of both the salon and its clients. By overseeing this crucial aspect of the salon’s operations, Shelby ensures that everything runs smoothly, further enhancing the overall experience for clients.

While Austin boasts a myriad of talented stylists, Shelby stands out for his unique blend of traditional techniques and modern trends. He understands the essence of Austin – its vibrancy, its casual elegance, and its undying love for all things authentic. And this understanding reflects in every hairstyle he creates.

If you’re in Austin and looking for a stylist who can deliver a hair transformation while ensuring a warm, friendly experience, Shelby is your guy. He represents the best of what Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon has to offer, combining years of experience with an undeniable passion for his craft.

From his mastery in lived-in color and custom blonding to his precision in cutting, every service Shelby offers is backed by his dedication to excellence and his desire to make his clients look and feel their best.

So, whether you’re looking for a complete hair makeover or simply want to refresh your current style, reach out to Shelby at Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon. Here, you won’t just discover your best hair; you’ll also find a stylist who truly cares.