Caren Nyante-Brown

Natural Hair Stylist 

Born in Atlanta and raised in the vibrant city of Austin, Caren Nyante-Brown has been a dynamic force in the beauty industry for over six years. With a deep passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence, Caren specializes in creative color and natural hair, embracing and enhancing all hair textures with expert care.

As a healthy hair and scalp enthusiast, Caren takes pride in not just styling but also nurturing every strand and follicle. Her holistic approach ensures that each client leaves not only looking their best but feeling their best too.

When she’s not transforming looks in the salon, Caren loves to soak up nature. Whether it’s taking long walks with her dog or enjoying the serene views at the lake, she finds balance in the great outdoors.

At Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon, Caren is more than just a stylist—she’s a trusted expert committed to bringing out the best in your hair and your da.