Cici Spieler

Associate Hair Stylist

Austin Hair Salons
Meet Cici, Austin’s rising hair stylist with a passion for beauty and a heart for inclusivity. Driven by her love for creativity and making people feel their best, Cici is dedicated to providing a welcoming and safe space for all clients to express their authentic selves.
Having spent countless hours mastering her craft through hair and makeup tutorials, Cici brings a fresh perspective to the industry. Her versatility and commitment to excellence make her the go-to stylist for clients seeking unique, personalized looks that radiate confidence and style. Cici continuously seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills, ensuring she remains at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques.
At the core of Cici’s approach to hairstyling is her belief in fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and celebrated. Her genuine warmth, empathy, and professionalism create an atmosphere of trust and relaxation, allowing clients to fully enjoy their salon experience.
Outside of the salon, Cici loves exploring the vibrant city of Austin with her partner by her side. She embraces the energy and diversity of the city, drawing inspiration from its rich culture and artistic scene to enhance her work as a stylist.