Olivia Grassel

New Talent 


One such hairdresser is Liv, a gifted stylist at the esteemed Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon. Born and raised in Austin, Liv has a deep connection to the city and its residents. With a focus on lived-in color and textured haircuts, Liv offers clients a personalized, transformative experience that highlights their natural beauty. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to Olivia Grassel and explore her journey as a passionate hairdresser, as well as her interests outside the salon.

Growing up in Austin, Liv developed a love for the city’s lively atmosphere and artistic spirit. This passion inspired her to pursue a career in hairdressing, where she could combine her creativity with her desire to make others feel amazing. Liv joined the team at Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon, honing her skills and becoming an expert in lived-in color and textured haircuts.
Liv’s approach to hairdressing is centered around understanding her clients’ unique personalities, preferences, and lifestyles. She believes that by truly connecting with her clients, she can create a customized look that not only enhances their natural beauty but also reflects their authentic selves.