Harlow's Mastery in Balayage and Ombre: Transforming Austin One Strand at a Time

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Have ever wondered about the difference between Balayage and Ombre, then the award-winning Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon is the place to be. With their recent introduction of 3 new hair stylists, Austin locals can not only experience top-notch services but also discover what makes each technique unique.

Spotlight on Harlow: Named a Top 200 Salon of North America takes the Title of One of The Best Salons in Austin 

Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon, located at 6009 Burnet Rd., Austin, Texas 78757, stands as an emblem of luxury in the Austin hair and beauty realm. Established since 2010 and spearheaded by the exceptional Misty Krant, this high-end salon offers specialized services in custom hair coloring and luxury hair extensions.

Being highlighted in renowned publications such as Modern Salon, American Salon, and Salon Today, Harlow ensures that their clients celebrate their unique style with their curated range of services, from hair coloring to texturizing treatments, lash, brow, and event makeup services.

Discover more about Harlow’s journey and accolades here.

Ombre vs. Balayage: What’s the Buzz About?

Are you an Austin local pondering over getting an ombré or balayage hair treatment? The artistic team at Harlow is adept at both techniques and is always ready to guide you. At its core:

  • Balayage is a freehand painting technique, ideal for those seeking a natural, sun-kissed appearance. It is subtly radiant, perfect for those who wish to add hints of color without an overpowering change.
  • Ombre, on the other hand, creates a captivating gradient effect, transitioning from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter one towards the ends. It’s ideal for those looking for a bolder, more defined look.

Curious to know which technique aligns with your personal style? Dive deeper into the differences and similarities of ombre and balayage here.

Caring for Your Balayage or Ombre

Post your transformative experience at Harlow, ensure your Balayage or Ombre lasts by using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Minimize frequent hair washing and reduce the use of heat styling tools. For a lasting glow and hair health, air-drying is your best friend!

Join the Harlow Family

Why settle for ordinary when you can experience extraordinary at Harlow Beauty and Hair Salon? Every visit promises an immersive experience, ensuring you step out feeling refreshed, beautiful, and distinctly you.

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